The Patreon Pendant!

Good Evening, everyone!

I have some stuff to show you all today. If you’ve looked at our Patreon page, you’ll have noticed our first project was a very ambiguous “LED Pendant.” That ambiguity ends right now.

pendant_smThis is the PCBWeb preview of our LED Pendant. What does the Pendant have? Well, I’m glad you asked.

The LED Pendant has seven Red/Green/Blue LEDs arrayed in an almost-circle around the perimeter of the 40mm diameter board (A tad over 1.5 inches), an FTDI header on the bottom, and an electret microphone just above the ATMega 168PB Microcontroller. The nature of the RGB LEDs allows each LED to make almost any color by combining the three color channels, and the microphone allows it to do some fancy shenanigans. Taking samples of the outside world, it can measure things such as volume and even the frequency of the sound. Just how we’re going to be utilizing this is still to be determined (I have far, FAR too many ideas for it), but out of the box it’ll have something neat and eye-catching. The board is powered by a coin cell battery on the back.

But that’s not all! The FTDI header will allow you to reprogram the device if you’re so inclined. While there are no pins broken out – They’re all used by the LEDs! – I’m sure there’s still plenty of ways you can think of to reprogram the device.

The LED Pendant will be sent to any $25+ Patreon Patrons.

If you have any questions or comments, leave some below or hit us up on Twitter or Facebook!

Patreon launching: Now!

Good day, ladies and gentlemen!

Daniel and I have an announcement to make! No, we’re not pregnant. Yes, we DO have something to show off to the world. Everyone, meet the Matchfire Patreon!

It’s something we’ve been working on for a bit and as Daniel has finished printing the Kickstarter rewards and is preparing to ship them to me, I feel we can finally reveal it to the world. Instead of the more common monthly manner, we’ve opted for a Project-based patreon. This allows us a bit more flexibility in timeframes and in what we can do – We can do small projects, and large projects, and all the projects inbetween – Without having to worry about monthly money or deadline pressure.

There are a few supporter tiers, which I’ll explain below. But first, a fun inforgraphic from Daniel!

Patreon Reward Chart

Membership Tiers

As you can see, we have five tiers of membership.

For the $1 tier, a supporter gets the occasional discount coupons for our shop, patreon-only updates, and access to commissions when they’re available.

The $3 tier is very similar to the $1 tier, except they get access to the Supporter Only chat in our Discord Chat. This lets you talk to us about some things we may not want to talk about in our general chat room, such as ideas for upcoming projects.

At the $10 tier, you gain a spot in the credits of our monthly videos. While we may not have one ready by the end of October, we’re working on it and will have something by the end of Novemeber!

Upgrading to the $25 tier gives you a little higher priority on commissions – This simply means that you get access to the slot earlier than the lower-tier patrons. I’ll explain more on commissions below. Additionally, the $25 tier will occasionally get rewards from small projects – Such as our inaugural LED Pendant project! This includes shipping for our US-based supporters – For our non-US supporters, shipping is an additional $5 USD. We’ll clearly mark who is getting what project when it starts, so you can adjust your support accordingly.

The $50 tier gains first priority on commissions and also upgrades the video credit to a personal shout-out. Additionally, ALL small projects will be sent to you. As with the $25 tier, shipping is included for our US-based supporters and for non-US supporters it is an additional $5.

Projects: Large and Small

Our projects are divided into two categories: Large and Small. The primary difference is cost and how many of an item we are going to make.

Small Projects: Small projects are ones that are, individually, pretty cheap to do. Things like the original DigiBadge from our kickstarter would be a “Small” project. Our initial LED Pendant is a small project, and will go to all $25 and up backers!

Large Projects: Large projects are time consuming, expensive, and usually one-off devices. While I have a few ideas for large projects, I’m going to keep them under wraps for now. Some Large projects will be available to Patreon backers for purchase, but this will follow a manner similar to the commissions. We’ll offer it at a price, first to first priority backers, then if none purchase it, to second priority backers. If it still remains unpurchased, third priority backers can then purchase the project. If third priority backers pass on purchasing the project, then it will be added to the store where it can be purchased by all.


Commissions are, simply put, us designing and building a device just for you. Commissions take a long time to do, and can involve a lot of work, so they won’t always be available. If we have a large project on our plate and perhaps another commission, we likely won’t be able to take one. We won’t put a hard number on commissions – Some will take more effort than others!

When we feel we can take on a commission, we’ll let the first priority ($50) supporters know first. They’ll have a chance to offer their commission ideas up, and if we receive any we’ll review them. If we still have a commission spot open, we’ll then offer it to second priority ($25) supporters. If all of the second priority supporters pass, or we still have commissions open, then we will offer them to third priority supporters. After some amount of time, if we still have commission spots available, they’ll be open to the general public.

When you contact us about a commission, you’ll tell us what you want, what you really, really want. We’ll go over it and see if it’s possible and within our talents to create it. If it isn’t, we’ll let you know what about it that we can’t do – Sometimes it’s something small, sometimes it’s the entire thing. We can work out some ideas for how to get around any issues, and then we’ll either accept the proposal or deny it. If your proposal is denied, you’ll be able to propose another commission.

Once we have accepted a proposal, we’ll then take the time to figure out pricing. Every project will vary in price, and if there’s a way to cut down on costs we’ll let you know. Once we have the pricing, you’ll have the chance to accept or reject that pricing. If you reject the pricing, then you’ll have the opportunity to propose another commission.

If your proposals are rejected by either party an no further proposals are made, then the commission continues down the line until it is either filled by a supporter or becomes available to the public.

Further information

You can find more information about our Patreon on our Patreon page, of course, or you can contact us. We’re on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, and can be e-mailed at