BronyCon 2017 Marketplace (And other updates!)

With only a week and a half until BronyCon, things are going quickly here.

First up, BronyCon posted their Marketplace map and listings. You can find that information here. I will be at Artist’s Alley Booth #33, with the occasional appearance by Alabaster. He’s also on staff for the convention, so he’ll be wearing multiple hats.

I also have the artwork that will be going on to the Art Cards for BronyCon:

Three of those are by Sophie Scruggs (Facebook, Twitter, Website) and the other three are by LeekFish (Facebook, Twitter, Website). Sophie’s badges are adapted from larger-scale prints that she’ll have available at Booth #407. LeekFish’s art was custom-made for these badges, but you can still head over and compliment her work at Booth #224, where she’ll be with the My Dreamy Star crew.

I also received word that the DigiBadges have been shipped from the assembly facility, and should be arriving here tomorrow. Now, there WAS a slight issue with them, but that’s a bit of my fault. Somehow, the Micro USB connector never made it on to the Bill of Materials. What does this mean? Well, the facility never bought the parts, and never put them on the boards. At this point, the time that it would take to have them do it would make the boards arrive AFTER BronyCon – A bad thing, obviously. So I’m going to have to purchase and solder on the Micro USB connectors by hand. Not the hardest thing to do, but still time consuming. It’s something that’s easily rectified for future orders.

That’s all for now. I’m going to put the “Weekly Updates” on hold until after BronyCon, and will just update as things happen. As always, you can catch me on Discord, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

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