Streaming Circuits!

Good afternoon, everyone!

I’ve taken to streaming some of my circuit designing sessions via my picarto channel. Currently, I have no set schedule for streaming, but if you subscribe via the Picarto site, you can have them send you e-mails when I’m streaming.

I’ve also begun recording the streams as well. I’ve only recorded one so far, which can be found here, but you can see any of my stream recordings at the Matchfire YouTube Channel. The recordings will be sped up and have a little trimming done, as I don’t think you really need to watch four hours of circuit designing in real-time. Plus, I spend a decent amount of time looking at datasheets, which the stream doesn’t pick up (It only does my primary monitor). Alabaster and I are still working out some of the stuff for videos (Intros and the like), so it’s not exactly pretty at the moment, but we’re working on that.

I’ll keep you all posted on when I’m going to be doing new streams! Keep an eye out on both the Matchfire Twitter and my personal twitter for a heads up.