Weekly Updates – July 15 & 29, 2017

So, apparently, I forgot to write an update last week. Oops.

The past two weeks, not a ton has happened. Mostly, it’s been answering e-mails from the PCB manufacturer about the boards, but I’ve also grabbed a few addressable LEDs from Amazon and have been fiddling with them on an ATTiny84. Between those and some photoresistors, I’m starting to come up with an idea for re-imagining the LED Pendant concept from ages ago.

Instead of using the three-color RGB system for the LEDs, I’ve been using the HSV color system. This is a much nicer system for LEDs, as it allows for super easy tweaking of the brightness of the LED without changing the color. Additionally, as the hue is determined by a single number, it’s very simple to have the color selected by a single variable. Such as, say, a potentiometer or a photoresistor. The addressable LEDs also have a large advantage in that they only need a single pin to control a large number.

My current thought for the LED Pendant is six LEDs, each paired with a photoresistor. The light input on these photoresistors will determine the color of the paired LED. However, I’m not 100% set on this method, and there’s a number of other things I want to try before making a commitment to one design.

There’s not much else for the past two weeks. As said, mostly it’s just waiting. The V3 boards are in the process of being manufactured and it seems that they’re “Close” to being finished, but I’m not 100% sure on when they’ll be done and shipped.

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